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The internet, email, texting, Facebook, web sites, and telephone are suddenly much more important in our lives. If you are reading this, you are one of those at Grace Church blessed with easy connection during this time of isolation.
Here are some of the resources available to you ...

ANNOUNCEMENTS OF GRACE is published each week to keep those who couldn't be in church  -- that's ALL OF US right now -- updated on what is happening. If you know of someone who might like to receive this weekly email announcement, please send THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS to Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

GRACE CHURCH WEBSITE ( provides information about our parish and updates on items of importance. It is also critical for our Rector Search.
The website has been totally restructured in the past couple of weeks, with new information being added daily. There are many "holes" that are being filled as rapidly as possible. If you know of something that should be on our website but isn't, please send an email to Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

FACEBOOK ( is an active social media place where we share Grace Church with each other and the wider world. This is also where we are having our "On-Line Video Worship" during this time of shelter-in-place, so please plan to join us. Worship will be announced in these Announcements of Grace, on our Website, and on our Facebook Page. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT need to be a "member" or "Log In" to be able to read what is posted on our Facebook page. 

EMAIL is so important to communication in today's world. Many of us have never known a world without email, but amazingly many people at Grace Church do not have an email address or haven't told us. Obviously you do, because you are reading this, but if you know of anyone who hasn't provided an email address to the church, now is a good time to do so (see WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP? below)

ZOOM is the world's leading teleconferencing system. It allows multiple people to connect with each other at the same time, to see and talk with each other. Grace Church has an account and our parish leaders will be using this for necessary meetings. We also will begin to use ZOOM for "On-Line Coffee Hour" after our "On-Line Video Worship." If you have a computer with speaker and camera (virtually any modern laptop) or even a smartphone, go to for instructions on How to Setup Zoom so you can be part of Coffee Hour next week. 


TEXTING by cellphone is the newest way to communicate. Many of us at Grace Church use this continually, but the church directory has only a fraction of your phone numbers. If you haven't provided your cell phone number to the church, please contact Father Tom (716-864-3147) and provide your cell phone number. You could even send him a text message! 

TELEPHONE -- good old fashioned telephone -- for those people with none of the above. Everyone at Grace Church can be contacted by telephone. 


Go thru your Parish Directory. If "the dog ate your copy" please let Father Tom know and he will send you another copy. 
* Check YOUR information.
* Check people you know and communicate with.

If you know information that is missing, like email address or cell phone, PLEASE let us know. You can send updates to Enable JavaScript to view protected content..

Though we hope this all blows over soon, we really have no way of knowing, and even weeks can seem like a long, LONG time. So plan to be part of our worship, participate in coffee hours, be a part of your community at Grace Church.