Grace Episcopal Church
Live, Serve, Praise Christ through Grace... and always remember... "GOD Loves You, NO Exceptions!!"


O God, who has blessed and sustained us through the years; we ask that you continue to lead us, stretch us, and direct us, in our search for a new rector. Raise for us, we pray, a priest and pastor who will boldly proclaim your Gospel, faithfully administer your sacraments, and serve your people with love and compassion, that we may continue to grow in the likeness of Christ and be a beacon of love and hope to our community and the world. To the glory of your Holy Name. Amen.


The State of Grace Episcopal Church Today

Grace Church is an amazing church in a small town. It has a warm, loving and welcoming body of parishioners, which makes Grace Church a wonderful place to worship. Our outreach program supports many causes in and around the community. We hold an annual Chicken and Biscuit Dinner, all of our members work together to open our doors to the community who wait for and enjoy this social event.

The Grace Church building is a beautiful and historic structure within the community. The church, with its well-maintained Rectory, its newly rebuilt Great Hall and Prayer Garden, the addition of new a driveway, new parking lot and well-maintained exterior all exhibit the hard work and pride of the dedicated members of Grace Church.

Grace Church is starting on a new path searching for a Priest. We are all ready for the challenges we are to face and with God's help we will succeed.

Goals for Grace Episcopal Church

Grace Episcopal Church of Randolph, New York is a congregation inspired to truly open its arms and hearts to everyone – come as you are, all are welcome. Our goals include forming a Congregational Development Committee to further develop the Church’s mission of embracing the community with a servant’s heart, as part of the body of Christ in our world.  We will work to accomplish this by striving for relevant preaching, pastoral care and stewardship that people can take with them outside of the church building, and carry into their daily lives.  The congregation of Grace Church has a goal to increase community outreach to help those who are in need physically, mentally and spiritually.  We look toward a future with open doors and full pews, where people can come together, despite differences, and support one another’s lives.

Our SMART goals include:

  1. form congregational development committee in 2020
  2. increase ASA by 20%
  3. continue to build youth ministry
  4. expand opportunities for outreach
  5. increase pledging by 5%

What We Are Looking for in Our Next Priest

  • A genuine caring, loving person, who welcomes all people
  • Faithful steward of the word of God -teaching from Scripture and making real life applications
  • Willingness to serve the church congregation- support when needed and share spiritual gifts
  • Hard working resourceful person with attention to detail 
  • Someone with solid leadership skills who knows how to work with different personalities and foster leadership in others
  • The person should be approachable, accessible and accountable during their agreed time working in this capacity
  • A competent person who can roll with the punches - things don’t always go as planned and flexibility and humor is a must at Grace Church
  • Knowledge of church finance and how to work within a budget
  • A life long learner who can “teach” and a visionary who thinks of the future, not just today

Description of the Community

The community of Randolph, New York is one that welcomes people of all walks of life to slow down and enjoy simple pleasures of life.  While there is much to offer in Randolph’s small downtown full of shops and amenities, there is also a vast countryside to explore.  Randolph can offer the true four-season experience. There is a proud historical heritage, as well as a thriving Amish community that welcomes visitors year-round.  Randolph has a strong, proud school system, as well as community support through various philanthropic and church groups.

Randolph’s location is unique in that it is surrounded by several other attractions nearby, such as ski resorts, a state park, as well as lakes, ponds and streams.  Life in Randolph is blessed by the people and scenery that encompass it.
Proximities to major cities/attractions:

  • 1 minute to Cardinal Hills Golf course
  • 10 minutes west of Allegany State Park
  • 12 minutes east of Jamestown NY
  • 20 minutes to Chautauqua Lake
  • 30 minutes to Chautauqua Institution
  • 50 minute to Lake Erie
  • 1 hour east of Erie Pa
  • 1 hour, 10 minutes South of Buffalo NY
  • 1 hour, 38 minutes to Niagara Falls and the Canadian Border
  • 2 hours south west of Lake Ontario
  • 2 hours, 20 minutes south west of Rochester NY
  • 3 hours to Toronto Canada