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Giving at Grace Church

For me it has always been about giving:
returning the gift to God and paying the gift forward.  
As I think back on my own journey of giving,
I realize that each time that I opened my hands
     in generosity and trust in God,
I found that I was blessed beyond the measure of my giving.  
Each time I gave more, I was blessed with more.  
Each time I gave, I found I was changed.
I was transformed, in a way that was beyond understanding.
~ Father Tom, Grace Church 

Financial Support of Ministry of Grace Church

We depend upon those who give regualrly – every week or every month – to the financial support of Grace Church. We thank you for your dedication and generosity. If you cannot be present in person to worship and minister with us, you can support the ministry of Grace Church in Randolph via on-line giving or by sending a check to:

     Grace Episcopal Church
     21 N Washington Street
     Randolph NY 14772

On-Line Giving

At Grace Church we are used to the Offering Plate on each Sunday morning.  That plate is so important, because as it is carried forward to be placed upon the altar, we realize that we are offering not only our financial gift, but we are also offering ourselves to God's ministry in the world. We can still be present, still stand as our offerings are brought forward, knowing that each week our offering is laid on the altar on our behalf ... and we can do it while the bank ensures that our gift is given. 

In addition to supporting our ministry directly, you may choose to offer a memorial gift in several ways ...

John Draves Building Fund

The Building Fund is used to maintain the worship space at Grace Church, which has stood as the oldest church building in continuous use in Randolph since 1879, to ensure that worship continues here for generations to come. 

The fund is named in honor of John Drave who dedicated his time and effort at Grace Church to the maintenance and beautification of the building and grounds. 

Grace Memorial Fund

Gifts in memory of loved ones are graciously accepted. Memorial gifts are used for items of lasting value and usefulness, glorifying God and prospering the mission of the church. Most of the sacred objects used during our worship have been given as memorials for beloved ones in out life and you are invited to continue in that tradition. 

Special Gifts

If you would like to make a special gift or memorial, you are invited to have a discussion directly with our rector: Enable JavaScript to view protected content.

No matter how you give ... THANK YOU for your continued generosity!