Grace Episcopal Church
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Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

The ECW is the "Arm of Mission" for Grace Church, extending into the community, the Diocese and the world. Locally they supply food baskets on holidays for those in need, they also help members of the church if a need arises, and give to the local ministries in the Randolph area. They help support Genesis HOuse of Olean, a ministry for families that are displaced and in need of a place to stay. No matter what the need they are there to help. 

Episcopal Churchwomen have been active participants in a number of projects for the benefit of the parish family. Since 1950 their efforts have resulted in the purchase of an organ, carpeting the church, repairing and the protective shielding of all the stained glass windows and the raising of funds for many other parish improvement projects.

Their main Fundraiser has been a bi-annual Chicken-N-Biscuit Dinner that have always been well attended by the local churches and the community.

The Women of the ECW are always ready to help, and not just financially, but by giving, of themselves as well. 

Genesis House of Olean

Chautauqua Cottage Tea

Randolph Community Cupboard