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Indoor Worship Suspended


Please consider the following options

Staying Connect via Online Services

The pandemic has made it difficult to keep connected.  Even though we have resumed in-person worship services, we know that not everyone feels safe to return.  There are still options for digital worship via the Diocesan Partnership at 10am (

pwd=cm8zUWh0Y2loTjYyKy91YURsTVBCQT0 to join. If you are asked for a password, use lakeerie.) or our Partnership with S. Luke’s (a prerecorded service at 9:30 via or and a livestreamed service on Facebook at 1oam. 

Important News

You may have received a message (see below) or heard from someone that the Bishop is suspending all in-person gatherings and worship services. I had a conversation with the Wardens and, with the Bishop's support, we have decided to take a slightly modified course.

At present, COVID infection rates in Cattaraugus County are not nearly as bad as Erie, PA or in Erie County, NY.  I had lengthy conversations with both Bishop Sean and Canon Cathy Dempsey-Sims and they have given us permission to “use our best judgment” and affirmed their support of whatever we choose to do.

While it is likely that the infection numbers will continue to climb everywhere (even in Catt County), I feel that we could safely have “in-person worship” for one more week and to announce this new reality in person. 

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns. 

The Rev. Luke Fodor

(716) 483-6405 (office)



In-Person Worship and Gatherings Suspended





Dear People of God in Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania,

Earlier this week, we heard encouraging news about a COVID-19 vaccine that could begin to be available early next year in limited quantities. I give thanks for this source of hope, especially as the virus is now spreading at an unprecedented rate across our region.

Although we hope that 2021 will bring some relief, public health experts and epidemiologists warn that between now and then, cold weather and ill-advised holiday gatherings make it likely that this current surge of infection will not peak until January. For those reasons, I am once again suspending in-person worship, meetings and other gatherings in our church buildings effective immediately. We will reevaluate the situation in December, although I believe that we should prepare to worship, meet, and gather online through the end of 2020. The only exceptions to this suspension are lifesaving feeding and sobriety ministries, which should be conducted according to the guidelines in the diocesan reopening plan.

I reached this decision after consultation with the Standing Committees and other diocesan leaders yesterday, and this morning, I met with the clergy of the diocese to discuss this situation with them and review the data and public health advice that led me to this conclusion.

It pains me deeply to take this step, knowing that it may keep us from observing Advent and celebrating Christmas in person. This is certainly not the way I had hoped to begin the new liturgical year. But, as precious as in-person worship is to us, the lives of people in our congregations and communities are infinitely more so.

While in-person worship is suspended, I will resume hosting live online worship via Zoom each Sunday at 10 a.m. This Sunday, November 15, I will preach and preside, and we will enjoy music from the Cathedral of St. Paul in Erie. You can join this service using this Zoom link and the password lakeerie.

I encourage you to continue gathering online for Bible study, check-ins and the many creative types of gatherings that people across our partnership have developed during this long pandemic. And I urge you, too, to be generous to those who are in need, especially essential workers and their families who may need our support and assistance.

I will be in touch again in December as we continue evaluating the changing public health situation across our region. In the meantime, you will be in my prayers as you help our church navigate these difficult times.







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