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Staying Connected!

Even though our in-person worship services are shut down, there is no reason we can't stay connected with each other.  This is especially important for our members that do not use social media, Zoom calls, etc.   Why not take this time during Lent to reach out to fellow parishioners with a phone call or card?  You can find fellow parishioners addresses and phone numbers in our church directory.  If you need a church directory, call the church office and we will get one right out to you!

In this pandemic moment we are trying to expand our connection with parishioners through social media. In order to best connect with you, we ask you to please like and subscribe to our YouTube and Facebook pages.  You can find links on the first page. 

On Sundays at 9:30am, we premier a prerecorded service on Grace’s YouTube and Facebook channels.  You can watch live with others at the premier or at your leisure at any time afterward. The links are here and on our website for easy access:

You may also wish to participate in Morning Prayer on Tuesdays to Fridays weekly at 8:30am with our partner, St. Luke’s.  It is livestreamed  Call 716-483-6405 for more details. 

*Please "Like" or comment when you view us on Facebook so we can count you for attendance.



Grace Church will resume in person worship on May 2nd!  There will be guidelines that must be followed to keep everyone safe.  You can click this link to find out what those guidelines are  More information to come!





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